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car2go London gets in an operational pause

car2go, the pioneer of free-floating carsharing, started in London in December 2012 with a small business area consisting of two boroughs. We had planned to get into more boroughs than just Islington and Sutton, however we encountered unique challenges within this great city that were more significant than we expected for our new “free-floating” carsharing scheme.

In the past months we have evaluated our car2go business in London and we have listened closely to our customers’ feedback. To ensure that you and all other car2go customers in London experience car2go as we envision it, we have been working to amend the car2go operating area within London. In November we had temporarily paused our operations in Sutton. Between November and February we continued to operate in the Borough of Islington with a smaller fleet, however, we are now pausing our service in this Borough and this will take place by the end of February.

In the upcoming months our business development team will focus on winning central London boroughs so that we can provide an extensive central London operating area in which you can enjoy your service.

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