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In case of mobility needs, just hop in and drive

The car only when you need it!

car2go is simple and ingenious: Simple because car2go is always there where you need it; ingenious because you only pay for car2go when you use it – to the exact minute.

Why wasting money and overloading with concerns if you can have a car when you really need it?
Hundreds of car2go smarts are available you 24/7 all over the city, easy to park and with low emissions. Be smart, register now!

App and away
From now on you can leave your member card at home, because you can open your car2go using the car2go app. Find more information in our FAQs.


Hello Milan

All about car2go

car2go is always in motion. You can meet us at the Smart center in Porta Ticinese:

car2go shop:
Piazza XXIV Maggio, 12
20136 Milano

Monday 11.00 - 19.00
Tuesday - Friday09.30 - 13.30; 14.30 - 18.30
Saturday and Sundayclosed

Our team will provide you with all the information you need and help you register. Remember to take with you the driver's licence, credit card or prepaid credit card. After validation 2 € will be temporary charged on your credit card to check the validity.

car2go on site

Validation points

You have already applied online for car2go in Milan? Good, there is only one more step you need to do: Pass by one of our validation points and show your personal QR code, your credit card and your driver’s license*.

You will get your personal QR code during online-registration. Furthermore you can get your QR code on „myAccount“. You can either bring a printed version of your QR code to the validation point or just show it on your smartphone.
After validation 2 € will be temporary charged on your credit card to check the validity.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Find the closest validation points here

For anything concerning driver's license renewal, as well as reissuing of member cards please refer to our car2go shop only.

* The following driver‘s licenses will be accepted:
- EU/EEC and Switzerland.
- Not EU/EEC/Switzerland International driver’s license: only valid in connection with national license, or certified translation of the national driver’s license. The international driver’s license will be accepted only for 6 months after the entry in the country. The entry can be checked through the date of the plane ticket, the visa on the passport or the date on the proof of residence.

Reserved exclusively for your car2go

Park without having to look for a space.

Parking your car2go is simple! In Milan, you can park for free on the spaces with blue and yellow lane and also in Area C but NOT in the restricted traffic zones (ZTL)!


Furthermore, you have at your disposal a car2go dedicated parking nearby Central Station, in Via Cappellini 21. The parking is active 24/7 and is free of charge. Check on the app the availability of car2go vehicles or free parking spots to park a car2go.

Always ready to go, now with a better car distribution

Your car2go is waiting for you here

There's always a car2go waiting for you.

In order to grant availability to other customers later, please mind a simple rule: at the end of your rental you must return your car2go within the home area.

You can also temporarily drive outside the home area: the external boundaries are marked with a blue line on the adjacent map.

To optimize the distribution of the fleet according to your needs, we have introduced an incentive and disincentive system in Milan.

For the drop-off of vehicles within the external circle of the city, an additional fee of 4,90 € will be charged on top of the rental cost calculated on the rental minutes at the end of every rental. This measure will reduce the dispersion of vehicles in such areas, where they idle too long. We will therefore be able to increase car availability where the demand is particularly high but often stays unsatisfied.

You can find the home area map here. With the new distribution system the different internal areas are marked as follows:

- Standard fee zone in dark blue
- Additional fee zone (4,90 € on top of rental costs) in light blue

The external and internal home area boundaries are also displayed on the homepage map on our website, in the car2go app and on the incar head unit.

Furthermore, on August, 17 the car2go “prendiMI” programme for Milan customers starts, giving them the opportunity to collect free minutes. How?

1. Book a car2go marked with the star and a number from the prendiMi website
2. Launch the car2go app and the vehicle will be displayed as booked..
3. Start the rental with the car2go app.
4. If you end the rental within the standard fee zone/free minutes zone, you will receive the amount of free minutes shown on the orange star.

Please note: We remind you that it is NOT permitted to access priority lanes for taxi, bus and tram and to access Limited Traffic Zones.

Find dedicated parking spots on the upper floor of P3 parking

Start and end a rental at Milan Linate airport

You may finally reach or leave Milan Linate airport in a new way.

car2go offers you the possibility to end or start a rental at parking P3, upper floor, where you can find dedicated parking spots marked with our signs.
A 4,90 € additional fee will be charged every time a car2go is left or taken within the dedicated parking spots.

You can find a direction map here .

PLEASE NOTE: If all spaces are occupied, it is ecceptionally possible to park in adjacent spots on the upper floor of P3.
Parkings taking place in areas external of parking P3, upper floor, will be sanctioned.

Flexible traveler? Use car2go as your airport shuttle and receive benefits with Lufthansa Express. Find our more here .

Saving costs on mobility

Use car2go for business purposes

After you became a private customer, you can also use car2go for business purposes.

We offer two different models to business customers:

1. "Business Account":

We set up a business account for your company on which you and your colleagues can drive on business trips. Your company gets a monthly invoice of all your business trips.

2. "Business Payment Profiles":

You can log into your private profile, go to "payment data" and add another company payment profile (i.e. business credit card). Your single invoices can then be added to your travel expense report or used for tax purposes.

Further information for both models as well as benefits for business customers can be found in the Business Customer Section, above the interactive map in the homepage.
Are you interesed in using car2go for business purposes? Please send us an email with your contact data to .


All the time in the world for all destinations in the city

Get our new minute packages car2go 120 for 29 euro and car2go 300 for 69 euro. With these packages you can save plenty, since you will drive starting from 23 cents per minute.
Smart driving, isn’t it?

Discover now

The terms & conditions provided under apply.

A new form of mobility is coming to town

What is car2go?

car2go has a flexible rental concept. You get in or out wherever you want and drive as long as you want. Experience spontaneity on wheels.

What does it cost?

How does car2go work?


Good news for Blackberry users

The new Blackberry app is now available and it’s particularly practical for your business account. Whichever your smartphone, from now on you can find, reserve and drive your car2go with all operating systems. Simply download the car2go app for free and off you go

Download the Blackberry app here


Start and end a rental at the airport

We have extended the car2go home area to the Florence airport, where you can start and end your rental at P1 - short term parking on the car2go dedicated spots. There is no time limitation on the parking of our vehicles. The parking space is adjacent to the Arrivals Terminal. Until November, 30, there are no additional costs for the parking.

Find out more


Recruiting friends pays off

If you recruit your friends to join car2go, you will be rewarded with 60 minutes free driving. Your friends will also benefit: They will sign-up for free and receive 30 free minutes of pure driving pleasure.

Recruit your friends now!


The world’s best gift: Freedom

Are you searching for a gift for your beloved ones?
How about a car2go gift card?
Choose between 90 minutes of driving pleasure for 25 euro or 180 minutes for 50 euro!

Redeem or buy now

The terms & conditions provided under apply.

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