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Simply. Always. Everywhere.

Simply. Always. Everywhere

car2go gets San Diego going

car2go gets San Diego going: The future of urban mobility begins literally on every corner with car2go – where one of several car2go vehicles is waiting for you around the clock. Whether for a quick shopping trip to Mission Valley, dinner at the Gaslamp, or a drive to PB to spend a day at the beach, it’s up to you where you go with 300 all-electric vehicles, which are always ready to go. For as long and as often as you want. No fixed stations, but plenty of benefits for your budget and the environment. Are you ready to get going in San Diego again?

car2go face2face.

All about car2go

car2go is always on the move. But we do have a shop in San Diego with a fixed address. You can meet us there personally and our team will give you all the information you need and help you sign up. It’s well worth a visit: our team is always ready to help.

24/7 Call Center 1-877-488-4224

633 9th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

  • M - F: 9:00 - 5:00
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Reserved exclusively for your car2go.

Parking without searching

Parking in a car2go is simple, but it's important to know where you can and can't park. In San Diego, free curb side parking is available throughout the home area. You are allowed to park and end trips in 1-2 hour restrictive parking zones. The cost of parking is included in your rental, meaning you do not have to feed the meter. You may not end your trip in spaces limited to less than 1 hour, including metered locations. Commercial, valet, and taxi zones are strictly prohibited. Also note that spaces that convert to traffic lanes are also prohibited.

Before leaving your car, you must observe all parking signage and obey the Parking Rules and FAQ .

Always ready to go.

Your car2go is waiting

Here's an overview of the car2go Home Area. You can start trips anywhere inside the home area wherever there's a car available, and end trips wherever there is qualified parking available. You can always visit places, friends and family outside the home area but you always need to bring the car back home to end your trip. You will not be able to end the trip until the car reenters the home area. And make sure to know the Parking Rules before you go.

San Diego State University

car2go on Campus

We are excited to share with you that car2go San Diego can continue to utilize the parking spots in Lot G in our Home Area to include the San Diego State University area. car2go members are now able to start and end a trip in SDSU's parking lot G, right next to the main pedestrian bridge. Please note these are marked charging spots only.

car2go in town

After careful consideration, we made the difficult decision to discontinue car2go service in Chula Vista as of Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Your car2go membership will still allow you to use car2go to get from Point A to Point B in all 14 of our North American cities. Please email us directly at with any questions.

Thank you for your membership and continued support.

Watch and learn

How to car2go


car2go is as easy as it is fun to use. Take a look at our helpful training video to learn exactly how to car2go and ensure that your trip begins and ends correctly.

Click here to view the How to car2go video.

Earn FREE Minutes

Mission Beach Incentive Zone

Receive 10 minutes of Drive Time by starting a car2go trip in Mission Beach! To qualify for 10 minutes of Drive Time make sure your car2go trip starts within the Incentive Zone, lasts at least 10 minutes and ends outside of the Incentive Zone.

Incentive Zone minutes will be applied every Wednesday and will expire after 30 days. Incentive Zone ends on November 30, 2015

A new form of mobility is in town

What is car2go?

Experience spontaneity on wheels: car2go makes transportation flexible. Get in and out wherever you like. Drive as long and as often as you want.

What does it cost?

How does it work?

car2go Electric Drive

Plug-in, drive off

car2go is good for the environment

San Diego is home to North America's only all-electric carsharing fleet. Thanks to the electric engine you can cruise through the streets practically noiselessly and with zero-emission. These particular vehicles do not emit any CO2, Carbon Monoxide, soot, particulate matter or other pollutants.

Some important things to note while operating an electric drive car2go:

  • The electric drive car2gos have a range of about 50 miles on a full charge.
  • Know your state of charge before entering the vehicle (posted on the windshield card reader) and mind the charge when the gauge is below 20%.
  • If you end your trip with less than 20% remaining in the battery, that car is automatically placed out of service until our fleet team is able to re-locate and charge the vehicle. Please plan accordingly as you will not be able to re-access this vehicle
  • When an electric vehicle’s SOC is close to or at 5%, you will notice the power in the EV begin to decrease. You may notice the air conditioning turn off, and that you will not be able to accelerate or increase its speed. If this happens, please turn on your hazard lights, and safely pull over to the side of the road or to another safe location. Shift the gear to Park, and turn the vehicle off and on again using the ignition key. Of course, do not hesitate to call us (1.877.488.4224) so that we can assist you and take the vehicle to be recharged.
  • Vehicles at 5% charge are not able to be driven, and require a tow. Fees may apply for relocation.
  • If you chose to end your trip at a charging station (not required), the vehicle must be plugged in and charging.
  • When starting an electric drive you may not be able to tell that the car is actually on because they are so quiet. To start the car put your foot on the brake and turn the key all the way to the right (position 2) and the ready light will show above the dash and you are ready to go. If you can put the car in drive you are good to go.

Get Connected

Plug in

If you chose to end your trip at a charging station (not required), the vehicle must be plugged in and charging. The charging stations are shown on the navigation screen inside the vehicle.

If you end your trip with less than 20% remaining in the battery, that car is automatically placed out of service until our fleet team is able to re-locate and charge the vehicle. Please plan accordingly as you will not be able to re-access this vehicle.

Charge me up!

Electricity to go

If you’re driving a car2go electric drive for a long distance you might have to charge it up with electricity yourself. Here’s how: use the navigation on the touch screen to find the nearest charging station.

The charge card is attached to the key ring. Take the cable from the charge station and connect it to the car2go. Activate the charging station by holding the “blink” card in front of the reader. Then press the blue charge button to begin charging. Now finalize your trip by swiping your member card on the outside reader and wait for the confirmation “trip complete.” You can use it to activate the charging station, then, follow the instructions on the touch screen to connect the vehicle to the charging station.

*Please note that it can take 2 -6 hours to fully charge a vehicle depending on the remaining charge level of the vehicle.

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