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Mobility for a reasonable price

Easy-to-understand rates.

Working out the better way to drive

car2go is always putting you in a good mood and the same goes for our pricing. Our calculations are fair and always in your favor. For starters, you only pay when you use it. No monthly fees or rental subscription packages. No reservations required. And our one-way model means there is no need to waste the time you’re paying for by returning the car to the same location that you began your trip.

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The rates are steady, you’re in motion

Good value on the go

car2go is always on the go. But our prices stay consistent: You simply pay $.41 per minute. And all without running fixed costs or deposits, parking charges, fuel costs, or recurring annual fees.

Easy to calculate, easier to drive

Simple Pricing

One time sign up fee$35 plus tax
Per minute$0.41 plus tax
Per hour*$14.99 plus tax
Per day*$84.99 plus tax
Per mi after 150 mi per trip45 cents, plus tax

*discount for hourly and daily rate applies to continuous use of the same vehicle.

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Earn minutes, drive for free

We reward your kindness

Gas is like so many other things in a car2go: it’s included. We take care of filling up the cars. Is your tank empty? Are you driving farther than expected? You’ll find a prepaid gas card in a holder above the touch screen. If the tank is less than ¼ full and you fill it up, your effort will be rewarded with 20 free minutes.

Unless otherwise noted, free minutes are valid for up to 45 days after they are credited to your account. It takes approximately 2-3 business days for minutes to be loaded onto your account, and valid free minutes will be applied towards your next trip. Once minutes expire, they cannot be re-credited.

With car2go, you're covered

Insurance is included

Membership with car2go brings freedoms and peace of mind. Freedom to go from point A to point B how and when you want, freedom from paying for fuel, and freedom from monthly fixed costs of ownership, such as maintenance and parking. And with car2go insurance is also included.

For complete information and insurance FAQs, click here.

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