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All around efficient mobility

Easy-to-understand rates

Cost-effective fleet expansion

We calculate our prices fairly and in your favor, whether you use car2go for a short appointment or for the whole day. You pay only for the time that you or your employees have actually used the car2go – exactly, down to the minute. With no added costs for fuel, annual subscriptions, insurance or deposits. Ready to go?

Simple pricing

Mobility meets transparency

car2go is always on the go. But our prices stay consistent: You simply pay $.41 per minute. And all without running fixed costs or deposits, parking charges, fuel costs, or recurring annual fees.

Together we are stronger

The Golden Rule

car2go is there for everyone and yet, in a car2go, you should feel as if you were in your own car. Naturally, things can go wrong. That’s why we share with you the costs occasioned by improper use. These fees are designed to keep the service running smoothly for everyone in the community. This way, everybody benefits in the end.

For a complete list of fees, please visit the private customers section of the website.

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