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Simply. Always. Everywhere.

car2go moves

car2go is simple and ingenious: Simple because car2go is always there where you need it; ingenious because you only pay for car2go when you use it – to the exact minute.

Whether you are in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna or Rome, car2go is simply always there wherever you go – now also in all European cities.

First register here.

Go to one of our validation points and let us check your driver‘s license and your ID card. Download our car2go app. Now you can find our vehicles in all our locations, open them and start driving – just with the app. More information about smartphone based rental can be found under


Simply register

Register and drive

You have already registered online for car2go? Perfect. Now you are only two steps away from your first car2go ride

1. Download car2go app

The car2go app is the key to your car2go. Just download the latest car2go app (Download for iOS , Android or Windows Phone ), validate yourself and then you can find and open vehicles by app and start driving. More information about smartphone based rental can be found under

2. Validate

Pass by at one of our validation points. Please bring your driver’s license as well as your credit- or bankcard.

We are looking forward to see you!

You can meet us personally in our car2go shop at Hintere Zollamtsstraße 9. Our team will give you all the information you need and help you sign up. And you can have a cup of coffee or a cold drink, too. It’s well worth a visit: our team is always ready to help.

Find the closest validation points here

Always ready to go.

Your car2go is waiting

You’re never far from a car2go. And to make sure that works for everybody else too, there is one simple rule: When you finish renting the car2go you have to park it inside the home area; in any public parking space – free of charge in Vienna. You can of course drive and make stopovers outside the home area within Austria.

You can find a map of the current home area in Vienna (valid from 17.08.2015) here.

The home area boundaries are also displayed on our website in the upper part and in the car2go app.

Exclusively reserved for your car2go.

Parking without searching

Parking with car2go? Nothing easier than that. car2go means driving smart, with a length of only 2.69 meters parking is effortless. You may park at any time on any public parking space, even in all short term parking zones in Vienna. Other metered parking can be used for each stopover, but at own expense.

Short-term parking zones

You can also leave your car2go vehicle in all short-term parking zones as we have already taken care of the fees for the city of Vienna. For stopovers please make sure not to exceed the maximum parking time (by zone).

A list of all existing parking rules in Vienna you can find here .

Fly away - coming home

Your personal airport shuttle

For over a year car2go offers the possibility to travel conveniently to the airport Vienna Schwechat (or of course, back).

Where can I park?

Directly at the airport, in the parking house 4. Then drive up to level 3 and straight into the VIP zone. Within this zone you can start and end the rental of your car2go.

How does it work?

Entering and leaving the parking house 4 will be possible via sensor in the near future. The sensor will be attached to our windshield, no parking card will be needed to enter or leave the parking house. Please drive up to the ticket column and observe the display - usually the barrier opens automatically after some seconds. Should the barrier not open properly, please directly contact an employee of the parking house. Please note: Never pull a ticket!!! Go to level / deck 3 at the rear left in the VIP zone, the barrier opens automatically. Park the car2go, end your rental, finished!

Likewise does the exit work: The limitations of the VIP zone opens automatically, at the bottom exit of the parking house 4 simply drive close to the ticket column and the barrier opens automatically.

You can find a direction map here.

An additional Airport fee for the start/end of rental will be charged.

Get in and drive off

use car2go for business purposes

After you became a private customer, you can also use car2go for business purposes.

We offer two different models to business customers:

1. "Model Business Account":

  • We set up a business account for your company on which you and your colleagues can drive on business trips. Your company gets a monthly invoice of all your business trips.

  • 2. "Model Payment Profiles":
  • You can log into your private profile, go to "payment data" and add your company's address as an alternative invoicing address. Your invoices can then be added to your travel expense report, or be used for tax purposes.

Further information for both models as well as benefits for business customers can be found in the Business Customer Section .

Are you interesed in using car2go for business purposes? Please send us an email with your contact data to .


Your smartphone as command center

In some car2go cities you will now find new car2go vehicles- you will recognize them from the smartphone symbol in the car2go app, on the website and on the windshield directly. Mind a few differences when renting. Find out more about the smartphone based rental and about the differences here.


All the time in the world for all destinations in the city

Get our new minute packages car2go 115 for 29 euro and car2go 280 for 69 euro. With these packages you can save plenty!

Smart driving, isn’t it?

Discover now

The terms & conditions provided under apply.


Good news for Blackberry users

The new Blackberry app is now available and it’s particularly practical for your business account. Whichever your smartphone, from now on you can find, reserve and drive your car2go with all operating systems. Simply download the car2go app for free and off you go

Download the Blackberry app here


Recruiting friends pays off

If you recruit your friends to join car2go, you will be rewarded with 60 minutes free driving. Your friends will also benefit: They will sign-up for free and receive 30 free minutes of pure driving pleasure.

Recruit your friends now!


Jump start for all new customers with the car2go start package

Every minute counts? Not with the car2go start package! We offer you 115 minutes for only 29 Euro (26 Ct/Min.) including a free validation. You save 25€!

Save now!

The terms & conditions provided under apply .


Short-term parking zones

Park your car2go on a parking space that is free of charge, and accessible to everybody. You can also leave the car2go in all short-term parking zones as we have already paid the fees to the city of Vienna. For stopovers please make sure not to exceed the maximum parking time (by zone).

A new form of mobility is coming to town

What is car2go?

Experience spontaneity on wheels: car2go makes car renting flexible. Get in and out wherever you like. Drive as long and as often as you want.

What does it cost?

How does it work?

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